I am a Freelance Data Scientist based in Europe, living between Trento, Italy and Berlin, Germany. With over five years of experience in the industry and solid background in research I can help you through the entire process of building data-driven services: schedule a call or email me if you would like to work together.

Short bio

I am Lead Data Scientist at Minodes, a Telefónica NEXT company operating in the retail and transport analytics space. I currently serve as Start-Up Chile and Ampair Mentor advising on technology and strategy. I founded Skysense in 2014, a pioneering startup in the field of autonomous charging stations for aerial robots. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science earned at the University of Trento for my research on processing data with uncertainty. I interned at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and the Qatar Computing Research Institute, working on data stream processing and data cleaning. I have co-authored eight publications in major data mining conferences including SIGMOD, VLDB, and EDBT.


A selection of my non-confidential projects can be found here. My areas of expertise are location-based services, mobile cellular network analytics, big data processing, spatiotemporal data mining, software architectures for IoT and robotics. I have professional experience with:

  • Data science: machine learning and data mining algorithms, experience with Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Seaborn, Pandas, NumPy, Joblib, JupyterLab
  • Data engineering: batch and streaming data processing, experience with Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Parquet, HDFS, Hadoop, Spark, Airflow, Celery, Fabric, Docker
  • Cloud services: Amazon EMR, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch
  • Robotics: ROS and cloud-enabled extensions
  • Programming languages: Python, C/C++, Java, Scala

Recently, I served in the Program Committee of the 2nd International Workshop on Big Mobility Data Analytics (BMDA), EDBT 2019. I am an active reviewer of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal.